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SHMP Schwartz Huber-Medek Pallitsch Rechtsanwälte GmbH was founded in 2004 as a specialised law firm in public commercial law and has meanwhile increased to 24 employees. As a continuously growing law firm, SHMP is focusing on all areas of public commercial law, in particular in the field of environmental law, public procurement law, construction and construction contract law as well as gambling law.


Furthermore, SHMP´s emphasis lies on all kinds of procedural issues. SHMP is representing its clients successfully before the Federal and State Administrative Courts (BVwG, BFG, LVwG) as well as the Constitutional Court, the Higher Administrative Court and the European courts (ECJ, ECHR) in addition to the civil courts. SHMP places a strong emphasis on the specialisation of its law firm, where SHMP ranks among the best in Austria.