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University of Coimbra Institute for Legal Research (UCILeR)

Trinity College

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In January 2013, the University of Coimbra Institute for Legal Research (UCILeR) was re-established as a Unit of R&D under the new Statutes of the Faculty of Law. The link between higher education and research; a century’s tradition never really interrupted, was thus given a new institutional framework. In tune with the concerns of our times, UCILeR is specifically dedicated to developing interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary research, organised in thematic lines and research groups, by fostering applied research and establishing partnerships with world-renowned research centres.

UCILeR scientific production is based on three pillars: publications, projects, and advanced training. UCILeR is responsible for editing and coordinating the publication of books, proceedings and an international journal, all in open access. Ranging from seed funding and EU funded projects, either as coordinator or partner in a consortium, UCILeR has focused on legal research and interdisciplinary projects as a way of internationalising its research. Following a long tradition, UCILeR has invested in advanced training activities to train the next generation of legal researchers, offering a post-doctorate course, supporting PhD students and early career researchers, and hosting visiting researchers.

Concerned with transversal and contemporary issues in the current scientific system, UCILeR focuses on Science Communication activities and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) methods. In both cases, UCILeR devotes time to understanding how legal studies specificities can be applied to science communication and RRI.

UCILeR is located at Colégio da Trindade in Coimbra. It is a renovated building where researchers have access to collaborative workspaces and meeting rooms, where they are able to meet and share experiences with other researchers. Also, most of the UCILeR scientific events happen at Colégio da Trindade (we have 3 conference rooms, ranging from 25 to 100 people capacity), thus having the structure for effective knowledge transfer.