Conference on Circular Economy and the Law: Innovation, Policies and Regulation for a Sustainable Environment


The Department of Economics and Management of the University of Ferrara, together with CERCIS (Centre for Research on Circular Economy, Innovation and SMEs), the interuniversity research center SEEDS (Sustainability Environmental Economics and Dynamic Studies) and the Italian Hub of the European Law Institute organised a three-days Conference from 6–8 June 2019 to promote analysis, synergies and further insights on the multiple facets of a circular economy and its regulation.

Achieving a circular economy is a challenge of increasing importance for businesses, citizens and consumers: innovators, policy-makers and regulators need to create a synergy linking environmental and economic performance.


Against such background, this Conference critically assessed, in a law and economics policy-oriented perspective: current policies and legal rules for achieving a ‘circular economy’; management of material flows; value, management and rights on waste; and instruments for tackling planned obsolescence – especially in the digital economy – as a disruptive phenomenon for both consumer rights and environment.


International academics from a law and economics background, national and international policy-makers and enterprise representatives, presented their unique point of view as well as proposals for further development of regulation. Indeed, this mix of law and economics created the ground for fruitful debates. The result was a clear picture on the state of the art of the circular economy and its implementation from different perspectives, as well as fruitful insights and proposals for further development of EU and national legislation.

In the framework of this Conference, the scope, aims and methods of the new UniFe PhD programme in ‘Environmental Sustainability and Wellbeing’ was presented and discussed.


The Conference took place as a partner event of the European Commission’s EUGreenWeek 2019.


More informaiton about the Conference is available in the agenda.