Francisco Javier Jiménez Muñoz is Associate Professor at the Civil Law Department of the Spanish National Distance Education University (UNED), where he teaches civil and EU civil law. He has a Eur Jur PhD, cum laude and Extraordinary PhD Award and a Masters of European Law. He has written about the unification of private law in Europe, interests and usury, assisted human reproduction and mortgage procedures, amongst other topics. He is a member of ELI, the Society of European Contract Law (SECOLA), the ‘Common Core of European Private Law’ and the ‘Ibero-American Law Institute’; a Corresponding Academic of the Spanish Royal Academy on Legislation and Jurisprudence, and the Secretary-General of the Institute on Developing and Studies on Spanish Family Law (IDADFE). His main research interests are the European process of unification of private law, obligations and family law. He regularly participates in conferences, seminars and at a Summer School in Comparative Law (UNED, Open University of the Netherlands and FernUniversität Germany).

He has been a member of the ELI Council and its Membership Committee (from 2015 to 2019). He has also co-chaired the Family and Succession Law SIG from its creation, was a member of the Members Consultative Committees of several ELI projects, and was a member of the Advisory Committee of the ‘Empowering European Families’ project.