Italian Hub

Inaugural event

The tenth National ELI Hub, the Italian Hub, was launched on 9 September 2016, coinciding with the ELI Annual Conference, and is chaired by Mario Comba and Riccardo de Caria. This unique event was held at the premises of the Faculty of Law of the University of Ferrara and gathered esteemed Italian jurists. Kindly find the agenda of the event here.


The members of the Italian Hub's Advisory Board are: Andrea Barenghi, Roberto Caranta, Marta Cartabia, Antonio Gambaro, Elena Ioriatti, Oreste Pollicino and Vincenzo Varano.


Upon registration with the ELI, individuals become automatically members of the Hub in their country of residence, provided no objections are raised. You may also contact the Italian Hub here.


You can find out more about the Italian Hub here.


Upcoming and Past Events


Italian Hub event together with the Lawyers’ Association of Naples

This Conference on European law for Italian lawyers is taking place from 8–10 June 2018. Among the speakers are ELI Executive Committee Member Raffaele Sabato and Member of the ELI Council, Francesco...


Seminar on the Judicial Dialogue and Networks for Cost Awareness in Court Actions

On 24–25 May 2018 the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation, the Italian High Council for the Judiciary and the European Law Institute (ELI) Italian Hub organised a seminar on the Judicial dialogue and...


Event Co-Organised by the ELI Italian Hub took place in Rome (Italy)

On 24–25 May 2018, a seminar on the Judicial dialogue and networks for cost awareness in Court actions co-organised by the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation, the Italian High Council for the...


Seminar ‘Il diritto comparato nella giurisprudenza della Corte ed il ruolo della Direzione Ricerca e Documentazione’

The seminar, organized at the Collegio Carlo Alberto in Turin, was the first public event of the Common Constitutional Traditions in Europe project, with speeches by Celestina Iannone (Court of...


Italian Hub event in Torino (Italy)

This event took place on 9 May and was co-organised by the Ferdinando Rossi School of Advanced Studies (University of Turin).


Conference on the Impact of Technology on International Contract Law: Smart Contracts and Blockchain Technologies

On 4–5 May 2018 the Faculty of Law of the Lyon Catholic University (France), the University of Florida (USA) and the University of Turin (Italy) as well as with the European Law Institute (ELI) French...